“TAN TAN” we are fruit product specialist.

Siam Oriental food and Beverage Co.,Ltd, we are Siam Group under the trade mark brand “TAN TAN” we are fruit product specialist in soft dried fruit, Dehydrated fruit and Freeze Dried Fruit to serve to all kinds of customers in variety need. The company has experience in fruit product processing for over 20 years as our heritage from generation to generation.

“TAN TAN”  produces the good quality of dried fruits to give the best products to our customers. The company is carefully and strictly to select the good quality of raw materials for our production. We are selecting fresh, clean and strong aroma fragrant of fruit materials. The company believes that the heart of quality and delicious of dried fruits come from the best selection of raw materials.

The product of “TAN TAN” will focus on healthy benefit that serve to the current situation of healthy trend. Everyone can choose “TAN TAN” as the good option of healthy snacks.

We continually develop the product and searching for new technology to serve the market demand that growth and continuous changing over the time. We want to have the right products that always serve to all current markets need in everytime and everywhere.


Retail Packaging

Retail Packaging

  • Convenient
  • Premium Product
  • Healthy Dried Fruit

Bulk Packaging

Soft Dried Fruit

  • Healthy Dried Fruit
  • Low Sugar
  • Natural Taste

Dehydrated Fruit

  • Fruity Aroma
  • Nutrition Value
  • Taste Different

Freeze Dried Fruit

  • 100% Natural Fruit
  • No Sugar Added
  • No Preservative


  • Mixed Nuts
  • Super Healthy
  • Natural Taste

Mixed Items

  • New Taste
  • New Mixed Item
  • Perfect Match

Fruits & Chocolate

  • 100% Chocolate
  • 100% Natural Fruit
  • Perfect Combination


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